Emotions of this life
From which you seek relief

Fear not the hurt and pain
When into your life cometh the rain
These are but markers along the journey
All must face
With life they come apace

Never welcome
But a needed part of growing
Suffer them knowing
That such is how you grow

Out of darkness comes the light
The hawk cannot take flight
But for landing
In these opposites find understanding
True growth comes at a cost
What is found must first be lost

So in the darkness seek the glowing
That comes from inner knowing
Find inside the comfort and the care
That through your pain
Love is always there

Life may not seem fair
But there’s an order and a reason
For every earthly season

The blossoming
The growth
The dying
Repeated through the cycles, through the years
Bring the laughter and the tears

All a necessary part
Of evolution
The solution
Is to accept the flow
And with acceptance truly grow
This please know:

You are Love
And Love can never die