Life can seem cold and
hard at times.  This is what happens when
the heart is shut off.  Do you know that
you control this connection?  That is
what the heart is – a connection point between you and all else.  You open and shut this connection with the
mind, oft times unconsciously.  Are you feeling
cut off, alone, cold, separate?  Sit
quietly and picture someone or something such as a kitten or a puppy that makes
your heart sing.  Imagine holding that
person or creature to your heart.  You
will feel this area open as you open the connection.  Now that you remember how this feels, hold
the connection open.  Holding it open,
think of someone else and send that energy outward toward them.  It is all a mental exercise, yet very
real.  You are never alone.  You are never cut off, save in your own
mind.  Use that very mind to bring
yourself back into alignment with your true self and with all that is.