A jack of all trades, a
master of none.  It is good to be
talented at many things, but is there benefit in mastery?  Indeed, there is.  You are here to achieve mastery over your
thoughts.  When you can choose love and
peace in every instant – yes, every instant, then you have achieved
mastery.  Until then, you dabble.  Dabbling is well and good, as long as you do
not play with your finger paints too long. 
Remember that the master artist is already inside.  At some point you will move on from dabbling,
pick up your finest brushes, and create your masterpiece.  It will not have random splotches of love and
peace, but will be a glorious exposition of the finest artistry. 

The Master is
inside.  Learning to master your emotions
is an art.  What will you paint today?