Truth is an elusive thing, for in your reality all is based upon perception, and perception is different from every angle. What is blue to you may not be the same as blue to your brother, yet how would you know? So often you do insist that your truth is the only one, but again we ask you: how would you know?

There is one Truth which never changes, no matter what the angle of perception. That Truth is, “I AM.” Truth does not lie in “You are,” for how do you know what “you” is? You cannot. “I” never changes. The “I” of “I AM” is eternal and unchanging, and what is the greatest Truth of all, then … worthy of celebration and veneration? … that you ARE that “I AM.”

How can we know this with certainty? “We” cannot, but the I AM can and does, and all that recognize I AM within themselves recognize this fundamental Truth. Celebrate your I-Amness today by seeing the I AM in all that is.