Strategy is a word you use for a detailed plan. Do you not realize that your Creator has a strategy for you? You are to awaken however slowly to the Truth that you are not merely a human being, but a being far more powerful—a spirit-being … a child of God temporarily clothed in a human body with arms and legs and a brain so as to formulate and carry out strategies of your own.

It is part of the Grand Strategy that many do not realize who and what they are. This makes the Adventure all the more grand as the children of God help each other to awaken by leading by example. Those who have awakened exude such love and compassion that it is impossible not to see and feel Spirit as their very being.

An interesting strategy, is it not? Where do you fit in the Plan? Will you awaken fully or remain deluded? This is part of the Grand Strategy … you are given the choice. How will you choose?