Nested dolls.  There can be no better analogy for your true nature than this.  You find yourself now in a very dense world, feeling quite separate from others.  But what if the center of you is also the center of a soul, which is the center of an even higher being still?  And what if the center of that Be-ing, which is not a person once you have gone higher beyond the dense physical world, is also the center of all others?  If you all share the same center, then you also share the same attributes of the field of creative intelligence from which all these nested dolls arise.  If you are feeling a bit closed in, cut off, or off balance, expand your awareness beyond your current viewpoint as “only human.”  Ask the question “What am I” of something beyond your greatest imagining.  Ask it often as you peel back the layers of dolls and find the center that is always and already here.  You are so very loved.