Unraveling.  Like a large ball of yarn that rolls across the floor.  It grows smaller and smaller, the farther it rolls.  It leaves behind, of course, a single strand of yarn, showing where it’s been.  As it unravels, you call this “experience.”  You call the single strand, “the past” or “history.”  And what happens when the ball rolls so far that there is no more string?  There is no more ball, either.  Does that mean the game is over?  Not at all.  There is the entire string, just in a different form than the original ball, full, however, of all that history.  It matters not what form life takes:  a sphere, a line, it is all about the experience.

You, in human form, are the yarn.  At times you get all balled up, at other times you unravel.  Who or what is doing the pushing, the rolling, the balling up?  The higher aspect of you that wanted to knit together as many strands as possible into one great tapestry of experience … to create something quite beautiful.  Without your strand, it would not be quite as beautiful, as whole, as complete.

If you feel at times that you are coming unraveled, surrender that fear, that angst and allow the tapestry to be knitted together by the higher power that loves you so very much.  Trust the process of knitting.  You are so very loved.