How do you know what will be behind Door Number 3?  You feel a bit of excitement, knowing a prize lies behind one of 3 doors.  You do not know, but there is an aspect of you that knows that is not limited to the physical body.  This is what you are seeking on the spiritual path, and it has nothing to do with winning a car with a big red bow.  You wish to find happiness, love, and peace.  The grand prize is freedom from the thought that you are separate from that which you seek.  This greatest of prizes is found when you remove all the doors, all the walls, and find that the prize has been here all along whether or not there are doors.  What you seek is right here, hidden by the door of the limited mind.  When you realize that the peace you seek lies beyond the projected world of door number one, number two, and door number three, then, dear one, you are finally free.