Memories.  Picture post cards in the mind of favorite past-times, special trips, meals eaten on the couch … These bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.  And then, a pang of sadness when the one with whom you shared these memories will no longer enjoy them with you.  And there you err.  They are with you as you recall the memories.  All that occurs at any time in the present is an experience in Awareness — an arising in Consciousness.  And so, they arise with you now as you think of them.  They are not just a memory.  They are sentient, aware, here, for that is all a person can be:  an arising in Awareness of thoughts, sensations, feelings.  Loosen your reliance on the body, and you will hear them, feel them, as sensations, thoughts, and feelings, but now without a body.  Come to these deeper understandings of who you are as also arising in Awareness and you will realize the bonds of love can never be broken.

You are so very loved.