Lucid dreaming holds the key to understanding reality.  What are dreams?  Scenarios played out in awareness.  Thought patterns that arise from Pure Awareness playing out on the screen of that self-same Awareness.  Are they real?  You would claim they are not, if for you “real” means solid and physical, and yet, they have many of the elements of your current reality.
And what is your current reality?  Because it is solid, because you cannot awaken from it as you do in your dreams, you believe it is the one and only reality.  Yet could there be other experiences of consciousness that play out like your dreams at night when you remove your focus from this physical one and become lucid?

What happens when you die?  Awareness continues.  And where there is Awareness, which is the co-aspect of Being … where there is Aware-Being, there you have experience.  It arises from pure awareness from moment to moment, only here, only now, just as in your dreams, just as in what you have come to call “my life.”  There is only This, happening over and over for the experience of it.

In lucid dreaming, you are aware.  In lucid dreaming, you exist.  This is aware-being.  In your day to day activities you are aware, and you exist.  When you pass from this body you are aware that you continue to exist. How can this be?  For you are Awareness itself … Consciousness … Spirit … all synonymous for that which simply IS … This … eternal, omnipresent, omniscient.  Is it any wonder you are so very loved?  You are the extension of This.