When a pattern in your experience of Life changes, you are knocked off balance.  Some patterns have been present for quite a while.  Others may not have been lengthy in terms of time, but they created a strong impression and thus held a strong imprint.  Regardless of the duration or the strength of that energetic pattern of thought, it will continue to play over and over in your neural circuits for a while, seeking an outlet until … until you no longer give them power.  It is that simple.

Create new patterns when the old ones no longer serve you.  You may cling to certain patterns out of habit or because the experience or the being with whom they are associated brought such pleasure.  When you are ready for a new pattern or you have suffered enough through the clinging, create new ones with your thoughts.  This is manifesting.  Do so accompanied by heart-felt feelings of love to imprint the new feelings more strongly.  And if you feel stuck in a pattern that no longer serves you?  Clear each chakra regularly.  As you do so, visualize a continuous loop of infinity.  On the inbreath, intend and state, “In with what serves me.”  On the outbreath, see the outflow as you intend and state, “Out with what doesn’t,” and in this way, you become the co-creator that you are.

Beneath all of the patterns lies peace.  It cannot go away, for it is your very foundation.  Know this well:  You are so very loved.  It can be no other way.