Do you realize that you
are addicted to your programming?  Your thoughts
and actions play over and over like the grooves of a well-worn record
player.  Ego likes this.  It maintains the feeling of separation, of
individuality.  “And what is wrong with
this?”  Nothing, we say, unless you would
rather enjoy peace. 

How to find the elusive
peace?  Step back and spend a day merely
observing your self from afar.  Watch yourself
think and act.  Do the thoughts and
actions of that one seem peaceful?  Is there
reason in them or insanity?  When you are
ready to slip back in the role of that one again, remember that that one has
never really been in charge.  Perhaps you
have felt a greater closeness with the True Self whilst outside ego’s role and
will take a bit of that back with you.