When all you have left
are pictures, oh how you cry.  You feel
that you only have memories, but there you err. 
Your loved ones are still with you. 
They have left you in physical form for a while, but what they have left
you cannot be destroyed.  They have left
you a greater capacity to love.  They have
expanded your awareness of how it feels to love and laugh. 

Yes, in a world of
duality you now feel the pain of physical loss, but that love never dies.  Bring them to mind and they are with
you.  It is the human side of you that
instantly goes to grief.  Set that
programming aside and visit for a while in spirit.  Have a chat and bask in the love until you
can chat again face to face.  Love never
dies.  You can experience expanded love
in an instant.  Sit in the love and give
thanks for having the love at all.