You clap your hands to
make a sound.  This can be for various
reasons:  to call attention or to express
appreciation or to keep a beat in time with music.  Such versatility, and all this with two hands
striking one another.  A hand strikes out
and hits another being.  Yet another
use.  These hands can be used for such a
variety of means.  They are instruments …
tools.  They make noise, they perform
work.  They can strike a face or caress a
face.  Who does the choosing of how these
tools will be used?  You do, of
course.  But do you not realize that you
are an instrument of Consciousness?  You
can be used for harm, when will and ego get in the way, or good, when the
greater Consciousness governs the instrument. 
Be an instrument of peace and love today and every day, and that will be
a reason for clapping.