Do you not at times wish you could hit the backspace button on words you have said aloud, deleting them as if they had never been spoken?  But you cannot.  Regret is an excellent tool.  That feeling of discomfort shows you there is a lesson to be learned, and every lesson boils down to love.  If you experience that feeling of regret or guilt, instead of feeling even more guilty, celebrate the awareness that the next time you will make a higher choice — one that is more in alignment with your true nature, which is love.  Of course you are not perfect, and you never will be whilst in human form, so please be a bit easier on yourself.  You are trying out different options here, and you learn from those uncomfortable feelings.  Do the best you can without a backspace button.  Love is the great equalizer.  Choose it ever more often and continue enjoying and growing from each now moment.