You have names for those who are bitchy.  They speak and act less than pleasant.  They scowl and frown and are not nice to be around.  Why do you think that is?  Have you taken the time to ponder this, or simply given them the label without the “Y” on the end?

Ask the Y.

From a higher perspective it is quite visible, the pain.  It shows up as darkness as their light is hidden beneath layers of hurt.  It is understandable why anyone would lash out, say things that hurt or are dark when all they feel inside and all they project is darkness.  They are not aware of their own light and they are not allowing in any others’ light.  Their own darkness attracts more of the same unto themselves.  Can you understand now, how others add to that?

Know that somewhere inside, beneath the insults, the frowns and scowls and the challenging vibrations is a light, a heart, a soul.  It is not buried, simply masked by the denser vibrations.  May this awareness be your first step in understanding how to respond in the face of such bitchiness.  “How” follows “Y”.  Ask the question and follow your heart.

You are so very loved.  Perhaps you can help that other to know this as well.