Do not be in such a hurry to “get there.”  Yes, “Enjoy the journey.”  It is most excellent advice.  You are in a human suit for a reason.  The experiences, the learning that results, and most of all, the connections, are why you decided to incarnate.  If you had all the answers and were the perfect expression of the love of the Source, where is the contrast that allows you to celebrate those moments of awakening, of connection, of joy?  Smell the flowers, drink the coffee, love with all your heart.  Yes, remember who you really are, beautiful soul, as you do so, and then hold that Awareness in the heart as you play cards and walk on the beach and fix the car and mow the grass.  It is all for the Joy of it, even the challenging times, for Love is ever-present. 

You are so very loved.  It can be no other way.