When you sit to do a project, do you just go at it as you always have done in the past?  If you are working alone or on a team, remember that you always have a Team at your disposal in the non-physical world.  These unseen helpers inspire you and guide you, but if you are not aware of their presence and do not ask for their assistance, you are far less likely to notice their insights.  Be aware:  your thoughts are not your own.  You share One Mind with all of creation.  What you call “mine” is simply a pattern that you and those around you have agreed is yours and yours alone.  As an expression of Consciousness, at the deepest level there is no such thing as alone.  When you sit to do a project, acknowledge this.  Gratitude will bring you instantly into connection with your deepest Essence.  Ask to be consciously guided and prepare for the praise that will ensue from your completed efforts. 

You are so very loved.