If you knew that at the end of your physical life
there would be a life review, what would you do differently from moment to
moment?  If you knew there were
consequences for every thought and action, how would you think and act?  If you knew that you will feel the full
effect of what you do and say to others, would this cause you to pause?  All of this is true.  You are responsible to no other than the Self
for what you do.  You are judged by no
other, but instead become judge and jury through this review in which you are
shown and in which you feel cause and effect simultaneously.

Perhaps you would make higher choices if you fast
forwarded to this life review from moment to moment here and now.  Perhaps you would make the highest choices—coming
from a place of Love always—if you allowed yourself to feel cause and effect
now, in an ongoing review of this now-moment here.  Why wait?