What is a rut, but a trough that has been made apparent by repeated use.  But what if you saw a rut as the trough of a wave.  Everything has an opposite in a world of duality, so what is the opposite of a trough?  A crest!  Hills are not always easy to climb, and therefore, perhaps the best place to rest awhile as you work out the ruts you have dug and the hills you must climb is the still point in between.  That is the same as the fulcrum point in a pendulum, the sweet spot of balance.  It is the neutral ground where life is effortless.  If life is not effortless, you may be a bit out of balance.  Now, be aware you cannot remain always exactly at the center as you play in your world and have your adventures.  Just remain aware of when you have been spending too much time in the ruts or climbing hills.  The center is always there.  You are so very loved.