Why go through all of this?  Why endure all the ups and downs?  Why not simply BE?  You have had the experience of simply BE-ing for timeless time unto eternity and you continue to have that ongoing experience.  After a timeless while, however, you want to live it up!  You can no longer contain that creative impulse that bubbles up and simply must be expressed.  And so, you create a storyline and populate it with unique and interesting characters.  You are any role you choose, yet you can focus your focus on just one of the characters for what seems like a long time, yet is only the blink of an eye in this experience called life in expression.  At times it is easy and at other times challenging.  There is beauty and there is pain, and all of it is so incredibly stimulating in contrast to being, just being.  You do not need the stimulation, for being is so immensely full and is bliss beyond anything that bubbles up in the life experience, yet you cannot help yourself.  You must express this potential, and so you do, over and over and over, never forgetting you are Love, for where there is no separation between the being and the doing, it can be no other way.