A scoundrel.  Is that not what you call one who plays dirty tricks, who is dishonest and deceptive and tries to get away with things that others know is wrong?  You have within you a scoundrel.  All of you do.  Within each of you lies the full potential for the expression of all aspects of being human.  You are here to try out the opposites and see the results.  Ego likes being ornery.  Going against the grain accentuates separation.  There is a certain thrill in it, in doing that which is opposite to the flow.  And yet, there is a part of you that knows only Love, the lack of separation.  Were there not this steady state, you would not notice scoundrels, nor have a word for such a creature.

The ego can be quite a scoundrel at times.  You may even surprise yourself when you let him have his way.  The heart lets you know when you have gone too far.  Too far from what?  Alignment with your True Nature.  Your inner barometer will let you know.  What to do when you have tested the waters and pushed the boundaries between ego and soul?  Make amends, smile in awareness, and say, “Well, that was interesting, and now I choose Love.”