A house has two doors.  Which one do you use the most?  Do not neglect the other, for it leads to different vistas, different experiences.  You have a door to the human world which you use each time you open your eyes.  Do not think it is the only one available to you.  The door to higher realms lies within you.  You use it often, but so often you remain oblivious to this fact.  Information flows to you through this less-familiar-to-the-human door.  How to open it?  Picture an opening behind the heart through which flow waves of information-carrying energy.  Feel the information come in, informing you.  Why not at the level of the head?  For you need not think about this information.  The heart knows what it receives before the brain processes it into words you recognize at a human level.  Tune in to the heart area often with the intent of using this back door more consciously and see how that changes things for you.