You cultivate crops.  Visualize a field of wheat:  amber waves of grain waving softly.  Did you, the farmer, do that, or did you sow a seed that then burst forth when warmed by the sun and quenched by clear water?  And from where came the seed?  And from where came the sun that heated the seed to the point it would burst forth and grow?  Do you see how you can take anything that exists and go back and back and find the connections and the previous sources until eventually all collapses backwards into one still point, one original seed that is not a seed at all, but a thought:  I AM.  What means this, “I AM”?  It means, “I exist and I am aware that I exist.” It is the seed thought of all else, bursting with the pure potential to create amber waves of grain as well as you, who are not separate from this seed thought, but its very self IN creation. What you know as I is the original thought and the sun and the water and the field and the seed and the amber waves of grain. Feed yourself with this awareness as you awaken to your True Nature, beautiful seedling.