Many are you in bodies,
one are you in Spirit.  How can you read
another’s mind if the mind is not of the same energy?  Waves of energy … that is what you are when
you break down the illusion.  Sound,
light, thought … it is all the same thing. 
What is the Force that propels it all, the sea from which it all
arises?  Love, plain and simple.

Would you not like to
be drowning in a sea of love?  Release
your grip on the need to be separate and dissolve into the love.  Melt away. 
“But I will disappear!” you cry in fear, and that is illusion
speaking.  You will not disappear.  You will become One.  You will return to Wholeness.  You will be Home, and it is the fear of not
having any of that that has created all the disturbance in the first
You are That, my
friend.  Slip into the depths and feel
the love.  It is not such a scary place
to be after all.