If you were to shatter
a mirror, would any of the pieces be any less reflective than before?  Not at all. 
Each would retain its original quality. 
You are a shard of the Mirror of which you are made—no less magnificent
for your size.  Do not take the physical
into consideration when thinking about your true nature, for physicality has
nothing to do with the part of you that is essential.

Breathe in deeply and
follow the breath inward, inward, inward. 
Now exhale and follow the breath outward, outward, outward
endlessly.  There.  You have just had the tiniest inkling of who
you are.  Your breath merges with that of
all others and all that is.  For now you
are merely enjoying an experience of the in and out-breathing of the great
Soul.  May your loving actions today be
the perfect reflection of who you really are.