As long as you continue to see yourself and others as separate humans and not also souls in these bodies … all of you like rays emanating from one central sun, so to speak … you will clash and burn internally and externally.  You are united at another level, divided at this one.  At which level do you find peace?  At all levels when you reconcile the apparent divisions.

See each person as a ray and you understand that each is here to express themself uniquely.  This does not mean to do so with violence, but with your own point of view.  Honor the differences.  It is why you are here.  As long as humans continue to assign blame and focus on right and wrong, which is relative to one’s uniqueness, you will miss the point.  The point lies at the very center of each of you.  That point of oneness connects you. “I AM the Light.” Only from an expanded, awakened point of view can this be claimed.  Do you seek peace?  Find the oneness with single-pointed intention.

You are so very loved!