Being advanced technologically and in your education does not mean society is advanced at a soul level.  You are beings in evolution.  You have come a long way from the days of living in caves, yet mankind is still evolving.  Were this not so, you would not continue to fight one another.  You would not devalue life or throw sticks and stones and worse.

We are not throwing blame.  We are showing you that evolution is an ongoing process.  You are battling hormones, brains, and belief systems.  Physical and cultural behaviors do not change overnight, but they do change.  Love has been and always will be the answer, for it is the First Cause, the underlying reality, but there is still much growth to be had.  Intelligence and technology do not overcome violence.  Awakening does.  Be the change you wish to see, but understand why it is so slow in coming.  You are souls awakening and many, many still slumber.

Never forget as you hold the light high:  You are so very loved.