Disdain.  You call it “looking down your nose” at something or someone.  You can only look down upon something when you believe you are in a higher position.  Do you know that even the Masters do not look down upon you?  They know that all are equal, for all that exists is in a direct line of lineage from and of the Source.  How can one be better or worse?  Yes, of course, in the world of relativity you have lesser and more, and there will always be the haves and have-nots, the good and bad, yet these are all judgments.  To see without disdain, which is a protective mechanism of the ego’s false sense of separation, rise above the ego and its many tricks and see each other for what you are:  Divine.  The more you look down upon your disdain from the eyes of the soul, not from a place of judgment, but from a state of awareness, the faster it will dissolve into nothingness, for the only things that is real is Love.