A hand curls into a fist
A limb misshapen
From some a perfect body is taken
But he who knows of imperfection
Knows greater truths beyond detection

Many look with pity on the soul
Who they picture as not quite whole
Oh, what a shame!
They do proclaim
But they do not understand
The true nature of man

The body is nothing but a tool
An instrument to help you through this school
The soul’s the part that matters most
The body only plays the host

It matters not if limbs are twisted and gnarled
If when one walks, the feet get snarled
But how one walks the path of life …

Oh, such importance please give here
For when you live here
This is paramount
On this one thing you can count:

The soul’s growth matters not on outward looks
It comes not from things you read in books
But from your actions and your thought
These things surely can’t be bought

A life of service can you give to others
Loving and helping your sisters and brothers
Even if the body is bent
Your last penny here you’ve spent
There’s always love inside, so much to give
For this great service does each man live

To you it seems a pity true
To see one whose body is lesser than you
But pity not until you know
If the soul inside t’ward the light does grow
For this each soul does come to earth
This is the purpose of each man’s birth

Whether you walk with a firm, straight step
Or haven’t mastered walking yet
This matters not a bit
If the body doesn’t fit
What matters is the spirit inside
From this truth you cannot hide

Treasure life for all it offers
Digging deeply into the coffers
Of wisdom and truth
And grow, my children grow.

For this you have come.

We thank you for your time.

Love one another.

It is all we ask.