This life it has its challenges
That all must face
This is part of being a member
Of the human race

Face each day with joy
Look toward the sun and smile
Every little moment
Stop and think awhile
Of all the many ways
God fills your hours and days
With chances to succeed
With the encouragement you need
For all along the way
People stop and say
“How are you?
How’re you doing?
Haven’t seen you in a while
Glad you’re back
Welcome home
It’s good to see your smile.”

But you are never far from home
No matter how far away you roam
When you sit and realize
Your true home is here
Always near

Home is where the heart is
A true saying when you know
That we are with you always
Wherever you may go

And we are such a part of you
That there inside the heart of you
We dwell
Loneliness is just a state of mind
When yourself you do remind
That the spirit walks beside you always

Call on us if you do doubt
That we are here – just give a shout
Your constant friends
Love never ends.

Count on us always