Note from Suzanne: This poem came to me as have all the others—non-stop, in less than five minutes, with eyes closed as I simply listened. For the first 369 poems, visit You can search by topic by using the search block under my picture.

Share your talents with the world
In this way you do heal
The pain that others suffer
As God’s gifts you do reveal.

Each one is given gifts
Which they are meant to share
And they can help to heal the world
If share them they do dare.

What talents were you given?
What is it you do best?
In what way can you thus serve well
By sharing with the rest?

It’s where you find your passion
That true service you can give.
For in this way you blossom
And help others best to live.

So search inside for your true skills
The ones that make you sing.
If used then to enhance your world
True peace and love you’ll bring.