What does it mean to nurture?  To lovingly provide what is needed, be that another person, an animal, any living being, including a plant … to assure it that it is loved and that you will take care of it, listen to it, be there for it no matter what.  Is this not what the human wants so badly?  There is not a one of you who wants to believe you are not cared for.  You are so very loved.  This is Truth, for you are the expression of the one indivisible Source from which you and your present experience arise.  And so, if no other is around to nurture you at any given moment, go within and find there the ever-present Source of nurturing.  Allow it to speak through any aspect of you that has found Truth, be that the soul or your adult self, and nurture the wounded part of you that most needs nurturing.  The road home is never walked alone.  May we take your hand?  You are precious and dear.  May that always be clear.