You become aware of a scent.  How does this happen?  The scent particles from a particular source come to you.  You become aware of a sound.  How does this happen?  the sound vibrations come to you.  They seem to be happening out there, yet you experience them in here.  You become aware of a sight.  How does this happen?  The light waves bounce off of something and come to you.  It appears to be out there, this object, yet you are experiencing it in here.  You touch an object.  It appears to be out there, yet you can only experience it in here as the vibrations of touch are processed within.  Everything that appears to be out there is actually perceived in here.

When you shut your eyes to meditate, everything you now experience again occurs in here.  What is this “here” and where is it?  Is it in your brain?  It only appears so because that is where most sensations seem to occur.  Yet, without a brain, awareness continues.  The story goes on, as evidenced by the evidence, the signs, the trans-dimensional communications that cannot be denied.  And so, when there is no brain in here, yet awareness continues, what is your very essence?  Awareness, itself …  I AM.  “So what?” you may ask after all this.  When the seemingly outward stuff gets you down or knocks you off balance, realize it is all in here, along with all the peace you could ever imagine when you cease focusing on the other distractions.  All that remains is I AM, and it is good in here.

Note from Suzanne:  Spirit has such a sense of humor!  As I was posting this message, on the radio is the group Train singing, “Did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?”