A new day.  That is what you greet each time you arise.  What if you were to greet a new moment now and now and now and now and now, eternally?  Does not a new day carry the scent of freshness?  Perhaps not to one who has suffered and wishes not to open the eyes.  Yet, if you were to truly understand the nature of the soul within you, that beautiful light that never goes out, the staleness would be replaced with joy and happiness.  This is not wishful thinking.  This is the result of knowing you are far more than the dreary ups and downs of human life.  Shift your focus from moment to moment from the human story to the soul’s pure light.  How to do this?  Disengage the clutch of needs, wants, desires, and should, of judgments and comparisons, and believing you are your past.  Now dissolve into the pure awareness of being.  Not of being human, but simply being, with no thoughts, worries, concerns.  By doing so, your human concerns will not go away forever, but you will find beneath them a foundation of peace which will allow you to handle the bumps and thoughts with equanimity.  Go there often, that place of peace, if only moment by moment until each moment allows you to carry its fresh scent back with you.  These are new habits you are developing, and you must work at habits, but oh, the rewards!  Do you know how loved you are?  It can be no other way when you see with the eyes of the soul.