You often find your way home without looking at a map.  You know your way, for you have reference points.  Turn at the gas station and then go past three streets until you come to the big oak tree.  There you turn left until you come to the white mailbox.  What happens if all reference points are taken away?  Do you realize that all new experiences you have get compared with your personal reference points?  These thoughts, sensations, and emotions from the past cause you to place all things new into one old box.  And what happens when something is outside the box?  You can feel a bit unbalanced until you carefully find a way to make it fit.  What if you met each new experience and did not try to make it fit your particular belief system, but relied upon an Inner Guidance System far more Powerful and insightful than a musty old trunk full of past experiences?  Take away the reference points, your story, and who would you be?  Why, you might find you are a ray of the self-same Light that has been guiding you all along.