Drama, drama, drama.  You go to your movie theaters on purpose to experience the excitement of the ups and downs.  You get thoroughly sucked into the drama.  You pay for this, and you enjoy it.  But what of real life?  When the drama gets to be too much, you suffer, for you have become sucked in.  There is a difference between being able to walk out of the theater and not being able to walk out of your life.  But you can rise above the drama.  You can see this earthly life as a theater once you realize there is a greater reality from which you came and to which you will return.  The most important point is not to hasten your return, but to learn to access the peace of your true Home whilst still in the theater.  Do you not at times in the cinemas remind yourself, “It is only a movie?”  Yes, and this life is only one experience … one state of mind of alternate states that you as Pure Awareness chose to have.  Discover your True Nature and find peace amidst any drama.  You are so very loved.