Remove “mine” and “yours” and what is left, but One. All is One, but it is the fact that you perceive differentiation when you look about you that that causes misunderstanding. Does one finger of the hand say, “That finger is yours, and this finger is mine”? Perhaps, but are not all fingers joined? Are not they all part of the same Hand? Do they not function individually, but serve the greater good? What good does it do to say “mine” and “yours” when there is only one Hand?

Focus not on YOUR self today, but on THE Self, and know that all that you see is of It. There is the appearance and the mass consciousness acceptance of “mine,” but all is merely borrowed from the Source. Give credit where credit is due, and serve your purpose well. It is fine to be SELF-ish, when you finally realize what is the true SELF, and serve it well.