When you have been knocked down and you think you cannot get up again, you do.  As you do so, those around you voice encouragement, such as, “That’s my girl!” or “Way to go, buddy! We knew you could do it.”  How did they know?  For all have been there.  You may wish to complain and claim that none have suffered as greatly as you, that no one else could possibly know what you are going through, and there you err.  You are all of one Spirit.  You are all extensions of the one Mind.  It is only in the forgetting of this vibrational truth that you suffer.  Do not compare pain and suffering.  It is, indeed relative, however … relative to how much you have forgotten who you are, beautiful Light.  You will get up again, for all goes in cycles, and you will then be the one who knows how to encourage an apparent other when they forget and fall.  You are so very loved.  Never forget this.