“Don’t push it.” 
When have you heard these words before? 
There are other ways to get past a wall when you come to it.  You can attempt to climb it, you can continue
pushing in an attempt to knock it down, or you can go around it.  But there is another way.  You can sit before the wall with an attitude
of gratitude, and wait.  If the wall is
still there when you close your eyes and open them, then close them again.  Now, with eyes closed, relax.  Ask to be shown why the wall is there.  Ask to be shown what lies on the other
side.  Ask to be shown an easier,
wall-free route with an easier path.  Who
are you asking?  Those with a greater
perspective than your own who can see beyond the wall.  You are not alone on your path, you
know.  If you continue to run into that
wall and you continue trying to push it, someone is trying to get your
attention … doing you a favor, actually, by blocking your way.  So don’t push it.  The wall has something to say.