Why are you easily insulted?  What are you trying to defend?  An image.  An idea.  A belief system.  No one else sees life through the exact same filters as do you.  Understand that your concepts and beliefs about yourself and how life is are these filters.  They are uniquely yours – not right, not wrong, simply “yours.”  But again we ask, what are you trying to defend?  Concepts.  Relative “truths”.  Relative to what?  All of the other billions of filters of the One … being.  Defensiveness and righteousness arise from trying to defend something that is not permanent.  No one likes to acknowledge that they are impermanent, and the real you is not.  There is nothing to defend when you come to understand that the real you cannot die.  In the meantime, why not enjoy flowing with the beliefs that come and go, with the billions of mental constructs against which you defend yourself.  You will find your self far more at peace, far happier, and far less rigid in body and mind.