fire-925573_640Why is it that humans love to gaze into a fire?  Homes are built around a hearth.  Yes, of course, there is the aspect of warmth, but what is it about staring into flames?  You are staring at a metaphor for you and all that has been created from darkness.  Yes, from the void arise vibrations, and then there is light.  Each tendril of a flame reaches up and expresses itself.  It dances with the joy of expression, rising higher, feeling around a bit, and then retreating back to where it began.  In so doing—in expressing itself with all of the other flames, it added warmth, scent, visual appeal.

Experiencing expression … is that not why you are here?  Your flame as a human may burn brightly for a while and ultimately go out, but the breath that blew softly to ignite the spark of you is always there, waiting to express itself yet again.