If you don’t venture beyond your shores and the common wisdom of the day tells you the world is flat, you will accept this as truth.  You will feel fear or perhaps laugh if others tell you something that differs from what the collective has agreed upon.  It takes courage to believe something that cannot be proven … until you experience it for yourself.  “Your physical world is only one reality of many.  You are a limitless expression of Consciousness playing a role for a while in this earthly realm.  The real you does not die, nor did your loved ones whose bodies you laid to rest.  They are here with you in their ongoing lives as the beautiful souls all of you have ever been.”  If you feel fear or laugh at these statements, it is time to raise your sails and set forth on an adventure.  Only by journeying to the limits of your experiences and discovering for yourself worlds that others before you have already discovered will your fears be erased.  Fear not.  You are so very loved and you are never alone.