All that exists is
Consciousness expressed as waves of energy. 
You think you miss a person when they are gone, but what you are missing
is their exact recipe of frequencies. 
Their body had a certain frequency that made it feel a certain way to
you.  Their eyes and nose and mouth
vibrated in such a way that this made them appear a certain way to you.  Their soul, especially, vibrated in a certain
way that made them recognizable to you. 

The body may be gone,
but the soul lives on, vibrating, recognizable, eternal.  You cannot destroy the soul, for
consciousness continues.  The body is
recycled, as is soul energy, but the particular vibration that is your loved
one will always exist in the ethers, as will you.  It is all part of the greater Consciousness …
all one sea of loving energy.  We return
to this basic lesson over and over until it sinks in that you are all
connected, all eternal, and All That Is at the core.