How many miracles have you missed because your human nature jumped in and said, “That could never happen”?  You were on the cusp of creating, but taking that next step was up to you.  And then, the voice of doubt stepped in.  Yes, you create miracles through trust, by acting on your beliefs, however tenuous.  And then, as you act, as you step out, as you ask for that favor, give of yourself, offer to help, make a suggestion, say what’s on your Mind … whatever the action you are nudged to take in that moment of Inspiration, you see how the Web brings things together in just such a way that what you envisioned in the mind is coming about.  Doubt or trust?  That is the question.  You know what happens when you doubt.  You have seen it over and over.  How many times will it take of missing the moment before you trust?  That is up to you.  You have eternity to learn just how connected you are to the Source of Miracles. 

You are so very loved.