OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the summer I had no fewer than seven encounters with snakes that were quite hard to ignore, beginning with a giant rattler shown here directly in my path.  I learned that the snake often appears at a time of transformation.  I pray daily for Spirit to use me in service to the Whole.  To that end, I strive to clear out any lower vibrations that keep me from being the clearest possible instrument for those on the other side. As a result of shedding some habits and fears, my connection with Spirit continues to grow.  My Good Vibe Video #1 shows that these efforts are paying off.  Side benefit:  the more we lessen our identification with our human side and focus on our eternal nature as spirit, the more joy we have in our lives.

I’m just back from a great trip home to The Villages, FL, and on to Boston, MA, where I taught my Serving img_2927Spirit class twice in one week.  I am so grateful to have experienced the presence of quite a few spirits who decided to simply drop in and give me evidence to share with their family member with whom I was talking.  This is something I have been praying for.  Could it be due to my efforts to shed more of my human skin?  I’ll take the encounter Ty and I had on a Colorado bike ride this morning as a big “Yes” to that question.  See this photo? The gopher snake who shed this skin must have been quite a guy. May your steps grow lighter each day as you, too, shift your identification from “only human” to fully spirit playing out your current story.