Death is not a
punishment for the one who dies early or for those left behind.  It is also not a lesson to be learned.  It is a natural transition from one chapter
of existence to another.  If in the
chapter in the physical plane love was shared and there was growth, then you
return to Spirit with a gift.  You add to
the Whole. 

It is all about growth …
evolution of the soul … this thing called Life. 
“Why must those left behind suffer?” you ask.  They need not if they can see with new
perspective.  If nothing comes of the
passing of a loved one, then so it is. 
If greater love comes from their presence and from all having shared
love together in this incarnation, all the better.

Life is ongoing.  Death is not the end, merely a new
chapter.  You may not turn the page at
the same time, but you will eventually meet in the next chapter.