Note from Suzanne: I heard the first three lines of a poem, then the fourth one didn’t come. After a short pause, I heard the following:

Do you see how words limit you? There is not an appropriate phrase to end this verse in a manner which is pleasing. The very same challenge exists with your description of the Self. By choosing a particular word you either limit your concept of who you are, or you expand it, but never can a limited word—no matter how expressive—express the beauty, glory, and grandeur of the True Self.

Because you rely so much on words instead of feelings—instead of sheer experience—you limit your experience of Spirit. Sit in a quiet space and allow the words which pass through your mind to drift away. Ask to be filled with the Presence of Love. Breathe deeply and simply be that Presence. Tune in to your heart. Repeat this process day after day and there will come a day when you will have an experience far beyond words. Then you will know what true Love is, and what you have always been, and will always be … beyond words.