No other can do the
work that you must do.  No other can
solve your challenges.  In truth, there
is no other.  We know this makes no sense
to the human mind which looks about and becomes angry.  “Do you not see those others?  Do you not see what they have done?”  And the truth is, as long as you look out and
see only humans you will remain in this mindset.  The moment you realize that it is your human
eyes which deceive you, your human ears and fingers and voice which add to the
deception, then you will begin to heal.

As illusion dissolves
and you imagine atoms dissolving into waves of energy that you call spirit,
then you will no longer perceive any differences.  This is called perspective.  Yes, while you are here and remain focused on
the human world the challenges are very real, but with this new perspective,
perhaps you can find a new approach to handling them.