Honor thy differences.  In this way will you find peace.  In this way will you be able to love.  Instead of needing others to see and think as
you do, to give you the love you think you need, you will instead glory in the
diversity of Life.  With this
appreciation will you appreciate that all of your unique qualities are equally
loveable.  Nothing is out of place.  All is as it should be.  All is Life … Spirit … experiencing Itself as
love in expression—sometimes a bit twisted by the free will of man—so we advise
you to see those distortions as what they are and see past the free will
expressions to the pure expressions of God: 
the uniqueness of a fingerprint, a snowflake, a raindrop, a smile … no
two alike, yet all from the same Source. 
Appreciation … it will take you straight back to that which never
changes:  Divine Love.